A thousand knives memory.

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The new album of Five Finger Death Punch was released and i couldn’t stop listening to the song above. It started raining memories which always ruin my day. I know now i will never forget, which is not great at all. I will never regret what happened. But what can i say, this fucking life swallows weak souls and puts strong ones to hard tests. This is me, the one who thought he’s got no vulnerabilities. She will always be one. Hard to say it, and harder to recognize it, and now i’m on this thin limit between hate and “the other word”. Peace.

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I <3 Realflow…

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Hey guys and gals, Alex is here again … I was doing a lot of Realflow lately for http://multiply-studio.com/ and for http://www.mundocom.fr/. Interesting stuff though because of the nature of the projects which needed a lot of scripting. As always i learned a lot. Now i’m tired and trying to rest. But work keeps finding me :) .


The main “WIN” of the first project was the fact i developped a Granular Behaviour script which i’ll update one day. This is a little preview of the script in action which i used extensively:

Reaflow powder from Alex Z on Vimeo.

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Here i am with a major Photography Update, posting some pictures i made this summer when i was at home. You’ll find some portraits of my friends and of course some nature pics made in random places.


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Listening now:

Neaera – Harbringer

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Emmure – A voice from Below

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This world is full of disease. Everything is made for one use, like syringes. People are like dummies in a 3d application, they are useless, they hold this world on their shoulders, u can see them smiling in metro, walking down the street and not even knowing how much hatred they generate… The world’s core is completely made of stupidity, lies and traps. The saying we always hear when we’re young, about the fact that we should be grateful for having a life, was probably invented by a forum troll. He was the first guy to understand that life is a cruel, 12-faced horny bitch, which intentionally brings only bad, troublemaking news. Read more »


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A flock of bleeding shards of heart was falling straight into my imaginary abyss. There was she, departing on that train of eternal memory. Dead ended railways were just a product of unwanted consequences. Thousands of painfull, spearing thoughts crossed the soul prived of emotion. There’s no hope, there’s only a coldblooded human being, stepping on this cruel fucking world. Wide open eyes, the smiley face, the gentle behaviour are now the weapon he waits to use. There’s emptiness, there’s no trust or even a spark of what he was before. That’s how “good” people become the majority. A personality gets sculpted by a grungy clay of someone’s attitude. An attitude of someone already sculpted. Was there an egg or a chicken first?

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I bought 2 lens types, 1 wide-ass one – SAMYANG 8 MM 3.5, and one amazing bright one from Nikon , Nikkor 50mm 1.8 :O

On some pictures u can see pieces of an old friend of mine Anna :)



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Hey boys and girls :) , here i am with a lil update :) guess for what project … Added cables ….
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Tunnel, chase, debris, sparks – the RETAKE

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Hey everyone, here’s Alex speaking :D . Yeah it’s been a long time i didn’t post everything guys and gals ( i know there’s no one reading this ROFL), but anyway a week ago a restarted my car chase project which i told you about a long time ago. I remade the animation, modelling of the tunnel, the script of the future scene, so today i’m gonna show u some progress. As always i used Craft Director Tools to animate the cars before the collisions, and then…….. Read more »

Neuronal Network Script

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Today i’m posting my brand new neuronal script. 3 days ago i dreamed a big piece of code in python which directed me to start writing this script. It’s really a challenge, because the neuronal network can be generated only procedurally, including main neurons bodies, branches and synapses. I used some squashed spheres, their vertices to generate shell particles of neurons bodies, some random functions to select leading particles for the strands and so on… This is a preview of the already working script:

Neuronal Network Script WIP from Alex Z on Vimeo.

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